Pics From Past Training Sessions

Early Morning Bike on the South Lake Shore Trail - Thanks Hipstamatic!

Great Form by Brooke at Riverside Pool

Janet Takes a Break - That Side Stroke is Rough

Nakia Looking Good After Her Workout

Jill Working Hard on Her Swim Stroke

A Few of the Honeys After an Exhilarating Swim

Deb, Janet, Maria & Dani Ready to Start Our Mini Tri

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June 29th, June 30th & July 2nd Workouts

Wednesday we will meet at Hart Park at 8:30 PM for a 5-mile run (3 miles is good too).

Thursday we will also meet at Hart Park at 7:30 PM to run the bleachers in the stadium. Some of you may want to do another swim at 6:00 PM at Lake Andrea, please e-mail each other if interested.

Saturday we will meet in the South Shore Yacht Club parking lot at 8:00 AM and bike 16 miles along the South Trail. Everyone should follow their ride with a 1 to 3-mile run.

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12 Days to Race Day!

Have You Registered?

Do you have all your gear, including a spare tube/tire/CO2 kit?

Do you know how to change a flat tire?

Have you gotten a bike tune-up?

How will you eat 2 days before the race, 12 hours before the race?

How will you fuel before and during the race?

Are you using positive mental images, seeing yourself in each leg of the race, including T1 & T2 and crossing the finish line?

It’s GO TIME Highland Honeys! You have trained well and are prepared! You will kick butt! You will rock the swim, rule the bike and pick those legs up during the run! You will be a triathlete!

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Mini Triathlon

Our mini TRI is tomorrow – Saturday, June 25th! We will swim the full 1/2 mile distance, bike 6 miles and run 1.5 miles.

The plan is to arrive at Lake Andrea by 6:20ish AM which means you’ll want to leave Milwaukee by 5:20ish AM. This is the lake used in the Trek Triathlon, located West of the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI. Park and meet in the REC PLEX PARKING LOT (not the Beach parking lot). Park on the West side of the lot, as close to the Lake as possible, look for my blue Toyota mini van. We will set up our transition area here – this is where we will transition from the swim to bike (T1) and from the bike to run (T2). After we set-up we will walk over to the swim start – our walk to the beach should start no later than 6:40 AM.

If you’ve paid in advance your name will be on a sign-in sheet, if you haven’t paid the cost is $15 and you can pay at the beach.

Here is a detailed tri-checklist, no need to have everything, just the basics will do for first-timers.

I’ll have a map of the bike route available to hand out tomorrow. Be sure to RSVP to the e-mail I sent out so I know whom to expect. Thanks Honeys!

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Week 4 Training

Wednesday Night Training – June 15th

WHAT: Steps/Hill Run, Core Workout and T1 & T2 Talk

WHERE: St. Mary’s Hill across from Bradford Beach

TIME: 7:00-8:00 PM

MEET: In the parking lot at the bottom of the hill – Lake Dr. and Water Tower Road.

SPECIFICS: We’ll do a short warm-up then run the steps/hill 8x or for 20 minutes. This is a general guide, you can do more or less depending on how your body is performing. Next we’ll have a cool-down period followed by a core workout. Lastly, we’ll go over Transition 1 (T1) and Transition 2 (T2) and talk about the gear you’ll need on race day.

Thursday Training – June 16th

WHAT: 1/2 Mile Open Water Swim (OWS)

WHERE: Lake Andrea at the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie

COST: $15 if you have not pre-registered.

TIME: Leaving Highland @ 4:30 PM. The Tri Clinic begins @ 5:45 and the Swim is from 6:00-7:00 PM.

MEET: In the Highland Parking Lot, we will car pool to Lake Andrea. It takes about 50 minutes to get to the Rec Plex but we are driving through construction and during rush hour so we should plan to leave right at 4:30. As of now, I’m driving Michael, Dani and Ellen, so I have room for 2 more people.

GEAR: Swim attire – swimsuit or tri-suit, wet-suit, goggles, swim cap, towel, etc. You can change at the Lake or wear your gear there.

WEATHER: I have an e-mail in to our Lake Andrea contact regarding their cancellation policy since the forecast is calling for thunderstorms. I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday Training – June 18th

Saturday is a 16-mile bike along the South Lakeshore Trail. We’ll meet at 8 AM in the parking lot – please see previous posts if you are unsure as to where to go. And, we WILL run at least a mile after the ride – for real.


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4 Weeks Until the Trek Triathlon! Register ASAP

Hello Highland Honeys, I trust everyone has been training hard, even if you haven’t been at a scheduled workout. We are just 4 weeks away from the Trek Triathlon, WOW! Race day is fast approaching and it is going to be an awesome event! We have lots of fun training sessions coming up: Hills tonight along with T1 & T2 info, our first OWS tomorrow and the Mini-TRI on the 25th, so I hope to see many of you! If you haven’t done so already, please register for the Triathlon as soon as you can.

Swim start in 2010

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Week 6 Workouts

The days are passing quickly and here we are, already at our last pool swim. If you feel you need more time in the pool (and are not a member of a club where you can swim), check out The Milwaukee Rec Guide – they offer lap swimming, $2 per swim or classes like The Daily Grind or Triathlon Prep. There are also outdoor pools and various lakes nearby where you can practice, see me or Jill if you need ideas. Speaking of lake swimming, stay tuned for a specific post about our upcoming OWS sessions.

Wednesday Night Training – June 1st

WHAT: Visualizing the race day & positive thoughts, 1 mile run and last pool swim

WHERE: Riverside High School – 1615 E. Locust Street (East of Humboldt & just West of Oakland)

COST: $2 per swim or you can purchase a 10-punch pass for $15

TIME: 8:00-9:30 PM

MEET: In the breezeway area between the Gym and the Pool, use the gym/pool entrance/parking lot

GEAR: Arrive dressed in your running clothes and bring your swimsuit, goggles, swim cap and towel. Extra/additional gear – shower shoes, ear plugs, heart monitor, toiletries, PJ’s to wear home.

SPECIFICS: We’ll be discussing how to visualize a successful race day and maintain positive thoughts throughout training. Then we’ll head out for a run – either along the trail or down Newberry Blvd. We’ll end our night in the pool with a steady state swim, shoot for 17 to 26 laps (our race distance or farther) using any stroke while maintaining good form.

P.S. A lap is down and back. : )

Saturday Morning Training – June 4th

WHAT: Visualizing the race day & positive thoughts, 16-mile bike and a 1 mile run

WHERE: The South Lakefront Trail

COST: Your precious weekend sleep, sweat and hard work

TIME: 8:00-9:30 AM

MEET: At the South Shore Park/Yacht Club parking Lot

GEAR: Bike, helmet, water and all those other do-dads, like gloves, heart rate monitor, clip-in shoes (see Jill, our best outfitted biker).

SPECIFICS: We’ll continue our discussion on how to visualize a successful race day and maintain positive thoughts throughout training. Then we’ll head out for a 16-mile, steady state ride – to Grant Park and back. Remember the ride is much easier coming back because there are more downhills than up. And, just like last week, we’ll follow the bike with a short run (about a mile) to train the legs to adjust to the BRICK like sensation of the bike/run transition.

P.S. B (bike) + R (run) = ick or BRICK

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