Week 11 Workouts

Why week 11 instead of week 1? Because we have 11 weeks until the 2011 Trek Women Triathlon. It’s a countdown, Baby!

WORKOUT #1 – Wednesday, April 27th

WHAT: Leg Workout (lunges, etc.) & Swim  

WHERE: Riverside High School – 1615 E. Locust Street (East of Humboldt & just West of Oakland)

COST: $2 per swim or you can purchase a 10-punch pass for $15

TIME: 8:15-9:15 PM

MEET: In the breezeway area between the Gym and the Pool, use the gym entrance. There is a parking lot available, you can park near the gym doors.

GEAR: Comfy clothes for lunges/leg workout, swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, towel. Extra/additional gear – shower shoes, ear plugs, heart monitor, toiletries, PJ’s to wear home.    

SPECIFICS: We’ll do about 15 minutes of leg exercises, spend some time chit chatting, of course, and I can answer any questions. Then we’ll head to the locker room to change into our swim attire and jump into the pool for a 20 minute swim. During this 20 minutes you will swim as many laps as YOU can. Stopping is allowed and there are kickboards available if you need support. A lap is down and back or 50 yards. Our swim on July 10th is 800 yards or 16 laps. 15-30 minutes is the time it takes for most athletes to complete the swim across Lake Andrea (our swim site for the triathlon). This is your starting point and will help guide you in your training. The pool is open until 9:30 so feel free to stay longer if you’d like. We have 6 Wednesday evenings to swim indoors. After that we will have 3 open water swim (OWS) sessions (still working out the details but they will start in mid June and go through the first week of July). Remember that Milwaukee Rec offers lap swimming on Monday nights as well, or you can get an extra swim in at your health club of choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

WORKOUT #2 – Saturday, April 30th

WHAT: Leg & Core Workout (lunges, sit-ups, etc.) & Run/Walk

WHERE: Hart Park/Honey Creek Parkway in Wauwatosa – 1299 N. 72nd Street (72nd & State St.)

COST: Free

TIME: 8:00 AM (our start time with the most votes), we’ll end around 9:15/9:30.

MEET: At Hart Park, on the grassy area near the entrance to the track. Enter the parking lot and drive (or ride your bike, overachievers) towards the back of the lot – park to your Right/West, near the track entrance/Senior Center.

GEAR: Workout/running clothes (layers are good if it’s chilly), running shoes, water bottle, pocket or small pack for keys/phone, etc. Extra/additional gear – MP3 player, headband/hat, sunglasses, heart monitor/watch, pedometer, celebratory dance and/or special handshake to teach your fellow Honeys.

SPECIFICS: We’ll start with about 15 minutes of leg/core exercises, do some light stretching and then hit the Parkway for a 30-minute run/walk.


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